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Pictures from HoC Instagram

  • 📸FLASH BACK FRIDAYS📸 The Haiti experience with family @common . The moment when BELIEVERS came together for a unified vision and purpose that was absolutely bigger than all of us combined. “Sak Pase” 🇭🇹 #Repost @common
Speaking of Haiti, I had the pleasure of going there to help after the earthquake.  While I was there, I was able to get to know the country’s rich history and how they helped the US fight in the Revolutionary War.  It was so pure and beautiful I decided to create some art there.  I experienced first hand how beautiful and tough the people of Haiti are. “Sak Pase” 🇭🇹 @uri_israel @mrjustindillon @heartofcool @oneblackman @steventaylor #derekdudley #nicoledow #mikechavez #fbf
  • 🎬THE CHI🔥  The dawn of a new era for @common and @derekd1971 . ☀️GLOWING UP☀️ #2018 #january7th2018 #NewEra #PhoenixRising #JustWatch #TheChi #freedomroadproductions
  • 💋@chanteljiroch I could not have said this any better. I love you all and love watching God shine through all 3 Of you. ・・・
I can’t help but scream from the top of my lungs how proud I am for @derekd1971 and @common for their new showtime show @shothechi. They represent chicago like it’s suppose to. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #heARTofcool #familyiseverything
  • 🦋🌈Just me, my crystals, dream catcher and of course a little Moschino. Back in LA plotting before Art Basel 🎨. And manifesting never felt so GOOD.
  • 🎹🎤🎼 Just landed in NYC to check out @djdummy & @mumufresh 4 their VINTAGE BABIES album release concert today. Celebrating MUSIC MONDAYS by honoring my Day 1's and light beings that understand the true definition of Artistry. We do it for the culture! Stay 👆 and keep shining!💫 #vintagebabies #HoCmusicmondays #heartofcoolmusicmondays #heARTofcool 💋
  • 💋Kissed by the ☀️. THE only energy source which can recharge mine. AWAKENED to the divine spark that lies within: MANIFESTED power that manifests my destiny and declares me IMMORTAL. 👑I AM SOVEREIGN👑 🦋I AM TIMELESS🦋 🌈I AM LOVE MANIFESTED🌈

No chain, system, societal status quo or matrix will ever bound me. 
Believe & Know & Act on what you know = FAITH. 💜Love & Light☀️ Inspired by my encounter with @londrelle and God who visits where 2 or more are gathered. ✊️REAL RECOGNIZES REAL✊️
  • 🌈🦋SAY YES 2 Your Evolution🦋
Just as the caterpillar thought it died it became a butterfly. Everything is changing in this eternal moment. Do not resist change, but immerse into the NOW. Let your old self die and your new self be born. In each moment your wings are asking you if you will let them grow. Say yes to this moment ✨🙏✨ #repost @stealtimeback
  • 🦋🌈SO......... A week ago, (NOVEMBER 9th), it was my 35th trip around the ☀️. 3 + 5 = 8 which symbolizes INFINITY. And in this spirit, for the commemoration of my SOLAR RETURN, I decided to:

1. 💜Go back to my ROOTS, where I grew up - in Nashville, TN.

2. 💛Refrain from the hype that birthdays quite naturally bring and instead ground myself in the steadfast, life-changing, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, from which I was birthed with family and friends that have been down and rooting for 🦋CRISTEN MARGARIT MILLS🦋 since Day 1 - B4 there was perhaps any physical evidence of anything to root for. 
3. 💙BE PRESENT and focus on BEING which meant - going off the virtual social media grid AND reveling and 🙌GIVING THANKS🙌 for the REAL and magical world God has already blessed me with.
AND...... 4. 💚I came home with a heART 2 SERVE my family - whether it was making dinner and having the best bubble baths with my niece and going to her school programs OR laying in bed with my mom and just LISTENING to how she feels about being the matriarch of the family and such a God-fearing servant and the challenges and rewards that come with it OR having the best breakfast and SOLD OUT conversations about GOD, FAITH, OBEDIENCE & LOVE ❤️ and just being AVAILABLE to give unto those who have demonstrated the most SELF-LESS and SACRIFICIAL and authentic love that I have ever known. 🔥I AM SO ALIVE AND FIRED UP right now and I can honestly say that my BORN DAY was PERFECT and RICH with laughter, joy, tears and a soul-awakening awareness that every day is a blessing and an opportunity to express appreciation and love for those special people in your life that just get you on your highest days and on your lowest days. Their LOVE and genuine attention is constant and a reflection of God's love for us all.

So as we build our empires that birth our unique dreams, remember to honor and serve the humble beginnings from which you came. As you build your future don't lose grasp of the gems in your past. And STAY CONNECTED to those light beings that God blessed you with that truly love you unconditionally for this is RARE and holds more value than silver, gold or fame. 💜Love & Light☀️
  • 👉WHAT @londrelle SAYS👈
💜It matters not if you 
see things as I do, 
all that matters is 
that you try to , 
be guided by that 
universal Light that 
Is inside you.
Learning to embrace 
all things is vital, 
Acting with love 
and kindness to 
both friends ,foes 
and your rivals.❤️
Poem: “ A Beautiful Mess”
Co Written By @RealNaomiTheGoddess 
Production & Sounds By : @visions718 
Full Video On YouTube. SoundCloud Release 
#SunflowerSoul #EternalSunshine #Londrelle
  • ✌️ PEACE & LOVE 💕 is all we need. That is happiness. That is joy. That is abundance. 🌳#motivationalmonday #moneymondays #heARTofcool
  • 🌈🦋ALL THINGS are working towards our GOOD🦋🌈 #staywoke #stayblessed #stayinlove #GodisLit #heARTofcool
  • ☀️GLOW UP☀️ & ⭐️SHINE YOUR LIGHT⭐️🌎 ON THE WORLD 🌎 Your LIFE is your LIGHT and it's a GIFT🎁 #Believe #and #know #tgif #heARTofcool

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